Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A bold statement, I know. But it’s true: If you know how to flirt with a girl right they will then begin to seduce you. Consistently!
So here is how to flirt with a girl/women the right way:

1. Make conversation naturally
Awkwardness is the number one killer of a flirtatious conversation. And NO, pick-up lines are not natural. Sorry. “Hi” is sufficient for opening although there are other options. My favorite one is to start right into the conversation as if you’ve known her forever. It’s the least awkward you can get, they will buy into it most of the time and it’s the most comfortable for you as the talker.

2. Tease her
Continuing the theme “treat her as if you were friends all along” and as we know friends make light fun of each other. That is the essence of flirting. Of course you keep the humor light. Don’t heavily rip on her weight or something. I found the best way to lightly tease a girl is to make a comment on something you know she might be a little insecure about while smirking and then turning it around so that the whole thing only makes her sweet/cute. Sweet is a pretty safe spot between a compliment and not getting too sexual if you’re not yet fully comofrtable with it.
The trick is generally also to say something that could potentially be considered rude but with a tone that says “I like it, you’re so sweet”.
If you have siblings you shouldn’t have any problems with this anyway.

3. Amp it up – get sexual.
Okay until now you’re on your way to make a new friend. That’s where most guys are stuck, in the friend zone. The only way out is to make a leap into the unknown and drop some sexual remark. Remember we want to stay away from awkwardness. The easiest way I know of is dropping the word “sexy” describing her or something about her during the conversation and then go on as before.
Like maybe joking about someone walking by who was staring at her and you say “Don’t go to hard on him, I had to check out your sexy pants as well as I walked by. Where did you get them by the way?” Best said with that slight smirk we know from James Bond as he drops lines on women.
That is the point where the shift happens in her head. Now there is only one more important thing:

4. No neediness, keep patience.
Go on as before but switching more and more from fun teasing to getting to know her more. But never stop the teasing completely it is still the essence of flirting. I still tease my girlfriend daily with random sh*t and she still has that smile about it on her face she had the first time.
Also occasionally drop some sexual remarks if it seems fitting but don’t overdo it. If she now knows you find her attractive but are still classy and talking to her like a normal human being she will get more and more interested and start chasing you before long.
Now since flirting is a process that involves both equally you still need to amp up the sexuality as well further. The next thing would be to kiss her and that is much less difficult as most guys would think. Anyway since this article is only about flirting I’ll keep myself from drifting off. I don’t consider kissing techniques part of flirting. Master those four steps first and we’ll talk further ;-)

The Really Fun Part
If you want to read a complete guide on seducing a woman, from how to flirt with a girl right down to getting her home and into your bedroom, I really recommend the one I learned most of my tricks from.

The Really Fun Part
If you want to read a complete guide on seducing a woman, from how to flirt with a girl right down to getting her home and into your bedroom, I really recommend the one I learned most of my tricks from.

7 Quick Steps to Flirt a Girl

  1. Share your life experiences – sharing personal information builds trust in a conversation
  2. Be humorous in a friendly way. Teasing and using nicknames in a friendly way is good for flirting.
  3. Push and Pull – Leave her wanting more without being an ass.
  4. Use flattery- but don’t be supplicant
  5. Make direct eye contact- but don’t stare
  6. Speak with confidence
  7. Be yourself, don’t try to be someone you’re not. They will notice and dislike it.
Cool? :-)

 Flirt - Love?
 Strange title, I know. It is in response to one of my flirt coaches complaint that most dating advice out there never mentions the word love although it is such an important concept to talk about. I just made myself different :-)
So what is there to say about flirting and loving? Love of course here doesn’t mean the needy concept of “I need you andwant to stay with you forever” but rather it stands for a concept of a positive appreciation kind of attitude that really melts the chick’s hearts.
So when learning how to flirt with a girl you also need to learn to love the girl when you are talking to her. Women are the sh*t at picking up body language and underlying conversational energies and just as well as they can sniff any insecurities in a guy instantly they also sniff out positive energy right away.
Guess which one is better for you. ;-)
When you make a conscious effort while flirting to love the girl -
not as a mother loves her child,
not as a married couple love each other,
not as a religious person loves god,
but in the sense of deeply appreciating her beauty and character
she has no chance but to reciprocate if she has any heart at all.
And if not you’ve just done yourself a favor and saved yourself a lot of headaches.
One more thing since I get occasionally asked by people how to do this without the feelings developing into a crush:
Don’t worry about that happening just because you “flirt-love” her the way I described.With a little practice on different girls you can learn pretty easily to keep those feelings strictly apart. It’s simply different kinds of love. And how often have you heard of a mother wanting to marry her child, you see?